Day 26- Game of Pong: Reprise

There's really too much at stake here, this is the last school of the trip, and after this we're heading home. We started off early and headed for our last breakfast in Pahang at a shop that sells Nasi Lemak panas. It was one of the best Nasi Lemak I've ever tasted, or perhaps the fact that this was the last meal of the trip made the Nasi Lemak bungkus to be "filled" with feels.

We gathered our heavy hearts and set off to begin the final day of our journey. As always, the curiosity and enthusiasm of the students is apparent as their eyes took in all the tech before them and their ears filled with the teachings of our fellow Chumbakians. The tiny totts gathered around the table laid with gadgets and gizmos, listening to Khayhen as he explains and demonstrates the how's and what's of the instruments, eagerly learning so that they too can try it own their own.

Two brave souls ventured in front of the class to reveal their progress so far in the program despite their newness themselves to the technology. It was a brilliant and interesting presentation, that was very good for someone so new to the program.

ALAS! It was time to bid farewell to the tiny totts, we end the day with a final group picture. I sincerely hope that today would further increase their interest in the field and push them further to become leaders and pioneers in the future.


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