Day 25: Teaching Teachers at Pekan

I'm taking the chance here to flaunt my non-existent photography skills. This school has been standing here since British rule, hence the interesting architectural design.


Now back to the teachings. Today was an interesting day as we had the privilege to teach the teachers. Some of them were even lecturers teaching in prestigious universities in Malaysia! From this experienced, I learnt that there isn't a big gap between the students and the teachers in terms of learning. The problems raised were similar, and the time it took them was roughly the same! So, to students, you'll never be too young to do a challenging project, and to teachers, you're never too old to learn something new!

The session started by an opening speech by the Pengetua of the school. After that, we distributed the Arduino Kits, and started the session. The kids and teachers were equally excited, so excited where we had trouble keeping up with all the questions raised by the participants! 

Later on, we had the chance to show off our 3D printers to everyone. The teachers were impressed by the device and quite a number of them were asking details about the device, where to get it, how it works etc. We showed them how simple it was to operate, and we 3D printed a Scout Woggle at the request of one of the teachers. I guess we can even inspire teachers through this outreach. 


Everyone hard at work: It doesn't matter who you are, you have the power to do.

The Teachers and their Students

Following the learning session, our host brought us for lunch where we discussed about the robotics community and how teachers have been taking up initiatives to kick start an education in robotics, programming, and how efforts to prepare the young minds for the 21st century are undergoing.


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