Day 23: The Game of Pong - War

Previously on the Game of Pong, the Chumbakians had traveled far and wide to reach the distant land of Seri Alam. There they had to be careful, for it was their biggest army yet they had to face, more than THIRTY students were present. Their mission was to educate and expose the young minds to advances in technology, for it was crucial for their survival. SUMMER IS HERE.

The teacher welcomed us and ushered us in to the hall, and there, we begin setting up for battle against the tiny totts of adjacent kingdom. They were aged 13-17 years old, fierce, with a mind full of wonder and curiosity, and they eagerly absorbed the knowledge thrown at them by Jia Jen in the opening battle cry.

An invention by Jia Jen, a swift way to dispatch our enemies with
From the previous battle, we learnt that the morale of the enemy grows stronger with time. Our old battle strategy was ineffective, as the monstrous beast, Distractor feeds on the lost will of the people. Instead of allowing them free reign to test and explore the new devices before them, we decided to first give instructions for clarity. With the assistance of the teacher, through her knowledge and training gained from the learnings of Teach For Malaysia, the students were able to learn and digest the new information before them, and apply them directly to the game they produced.

The War
The Game of Pong, was superseded and improved by a bright young tiny tott, for what was once a single player game, became TWO. A ground breaking event. And the highest honour was awarded by means of a picture with everyone.


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