Day 5 - Two is better than one

Today was scheduled as one of the tougher days due to the 2 schools back to back in a day (each 3 hr workshop). The team started the morning with the ritual of heading to a McDonald's drive thru to get our usual orders. After our daily morning ritual, the team headed to the first school in Arau, Perlis. As we entered the class, we encountered our first problem and realized that the OS (operating system) on the school's desktops were out of date and not compatible with the program. Team leader Khayhen did some quick thinking on the spot to change the 3D Modelling module from ''Sketchup" to "Tinkercad", a browser based program that did not require any installers. The lesson went on smoothly, ending with all the students presenting their 3D creations to the class.

After the first workshop we then headed to the second school which is jus 10 minutes away where we were met by a small class of eager boys. They were quick learners with the MBots and quickly learnt how to modify the LEDs to customize the look of their Mbots. It was very refreshing to see the students so ready to learn about the Mbots as this was clearly the first time in the robotics world for a lot of them. They quickly picked up the trends and patterns, and became well versed in the programming fairly quickly. With the small class of 11 students came a better control of the class with more intimate discussions around the software and a better general understanding all around. 


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