Day 4 - Back on the Road

As our weekend break ended the team reunited at Kuala Kedah Jetty and headed off to our second school in Kedah.

On the drive there the team had a quick catchup session. As we arrived into the premises of the school, we looked around the area for some food but to no avail. The team made the decision to head to the ICT Lab to get an early setup.

As we got in we were greeted by 2 friendly gentlemen who showed us around. We set up the stands, installed the programs on the computers and waited for the students to finish class. 

As the students poured in through the doors, they sat down divided by gender and directed their attention toward the buzzing 3D printer that was printing the prizes for the students. I took lead for the class and directed them through the setup of the Adruino kit. The kids were very focused but seemed to struggle with the following instructions of the setup due to some language barriers.

After some explanations and help from the fellow mentors the whole class was back on track. The kids were able to go through the modules with just enough challenges to make it a workshop that required focus and attention yet not riddled with obstacles to cause frustration. 

Slowly but surely the kids understood the potential of the Adruino kits and how much more they were capable of doing. They were not spoon-fed nor molly coddled but rather left to explore and create things through their own means. An observation made by the team was that many of these kids have not even had the opportunity to explore their boundaries due to a strict Malaysian education system thus some of them were blank when it came to being creative. This further resonated with our drive to make the pioneering batch of Maker Mobile to be more impactful and to nurture the seed of creativity that is buried deep within every child. 


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