DAY 2 - Black Out

Day 2 started with a bang as our alarm clocks harmonized at the 9th hour of the morning. The team woke up one by one to hit the warm showers provided by Hotel Checked Inn. We re-grouped at the Maker Mobile for breakfast at Mcdonald's. After we stuffed our faces with McMuffins and pancakes, the Maker Mobile team headed to a school in a FELDA plantation in Trolak. Once we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly uniformed teacher who showed us the way to the Computer lab.

Once the room was set-up, the kids charged into the room and picked the desktop of their choice. Team leader Khayhen took lead for the workshop and directed the kids toward the direction of our objectives of enabling/inspiring the students. As the workshop started, the constant flashing of LEDs and beeping buzzers was a subtle confirmation that our workshop was going well.

As we were reaching the end of the workshop, the main power supply of the town gave out resulting in a complete blackout of the school. The computers powered off one by one as the emergency power supply withered away. With this crisis thrown at us, the team made the right choice to dismiss the class slightly earlier. The quick taster of a workshop left a small proportion of the class inspired, resulting in a few keen students inquiring about the possibilities of an Adruino kit.

The team left hastily as the storm clouds galloped toward the school, making it back to the soft beds and warm showers of Hotel Checked Inn in Ipoh right in the nick of time before the dinner rush.


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