Day 15 - The Designers

On our way back, we stopped by a school in Bentong, Pahang (just off the Karak Highway). We reached the school at 8.30am and were welcomed by the teacher in charge. The teacher brought us to the computer lab and to our amazement, the school already had SIX 3D Printers! 

Setups were not needed as the teacher had already pre-installed the software beforehand. With no time to waste, we briefed them on the modules and the operations of a 3D printer. However, some time were taken to convert the models to the right format as they had different 3D printer models. 

Students there were rather creative. They spent quite some time in designing their respective 3D name tags, designing the base of the name tags in different shapes and sizes. Some even got sources online without our guidance. 

After the workshop, we headed home to have a rest before continuing our next tour in the Southern part of Malaysia.


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