Day 10 - Malaysian hospitality at its best!

Workshop (Coding - Game Design with Scratch) were conducted in a school at Kampung Pauh. 

We were greeted and welcomed by the headmaster and the teachers in charge. The secondary school students offered help to carry the kits into the computer lab. Group photo were taken before heading for a welcoming tea time. The session started around 9.30am.

The version of Scratch in the students laptop were the older version, therefore some amount of time is needed for us to get the current version of Scratch installed.

11.45am, where we had a brief about the operations of the 3D printer, then 4 to 5 students who managed to complete their original games have presented. 
Students who are interested stayed after the sessions and Khayhen introduced and showed on where should they kickstart their exploration on robotics.

Lunch was served and souvenirs were given before leaving.


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